Steven works in all areas of podiatry but has a special interest in lower limb biomechanics. He is particularly passionate about sports injuries therapy, paediatric (children’s) podiatry and footwear technologies.

Steven graduated from the University of Western Sydney and since then has spent time at various hospitals and in multidisciplinary practices where he places an emphasis on a team approach to patient care. This has also given him extra insight on the mechanics of the body enabling him to better understand (even when misdiagnosed by others) how a problem in the lower limb may influence the whole body (upper and lower limbs).

This enables Steven to customise a treatment regime including: biomechanical causes of back, hip, knee, leg, ankle and foot pain, prescription of corrective foot orthotics, tailored advice on appropriate stretching and strengthening training programs as well as individual specific requirement in running shoes/football boots and other sporting footwear, and treatment of foot and ankle disorders, including skin and nail conditions. Foot/ankle strapping, cupping, dry needling/acupuncture, foot and leg mobilisation/manipulation, deep tissue massage/myofascial techniques are some of the treatments that he specialises in to help relieve his patients.