Discover the benefits of exercise physiology

Clinical exercise physiology offers numerous benefits, whether you’re a keen athlete, a person with chronic pain or a severe injury, or just want to feel fit and healthy in your body as you live your busy life.

Exercise physiologists specialise in delivering exercise and behavioural change to try to prevent and manage conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, depression and arthritis. By using exercise and movement as an intervention method, exercise physiology can help treat long-term injuries, manage acute and chronic conditions, and give you more control over your body.

We take a holistic approach to our exercise physiology treatment, helping patients find the right exercises, habits and behaviours to transform their lifestyle and maintain long-term activity that supports their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

How exercise physiology can aid in injury treatment and rehabilitation

Exercise physiology is crucial to the successful rehabilitation of an injury. You need comprehensive treatment if you’ve recently injured yourself during sport, exercise or day-to-day repetitive strain. Comprehensive treatment doesn’t just treat the injury; it focuses on strengthening techniques to manage any future pain and strain.

Through clinical exercise physiology, you can take control of your body’s recovery and movement, deal with both old and new injuries, and understand how to manage them better in the future. In managing chronic and ongoing pain, exercise physiology may provide a rehabilitative path to lessen pain and provide effective and self-directed pain management in the future.

The exercise physiologists at MediSport Clinic will help create a personalised exercise regime to suit your specific condition or ailment. Our team will work with you to understand your lifestyle, fitness goals and favourite types of physical activity and help you forge a healthier path ahead.

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If you’ve been struggling to feel 100% again after an injury, are suffering from muscular strain during exercise or just want better guidance and direction for making healthy changes in your life, our Concord and Crows Nest exercise physiology clinics can help.

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What is exercise physiology?

Exercise physiology encompasses a range of movements and clinical exercise interventions to deal with acute and chronic diseases and injuries and provide proactive ways to achieve better physical function, overall health and wellbeing.

Does medicare cover clinical exercise physiology?

If you have a chronic condition or complex care is needed for a serious injury, Medicare covers exercise physiology. If you’re unsure whether your circumstances qualify you for cover, feel free to contact our team, and we can advise you further.

What’s the difference between exercise physiology and physiotherapy?

While both physiotherapists and exercise physiologists manage pain and injury in joints and muscles, exercise physiology offers treatment for diseases and conditions that physiotherapy may not cover. At MediSport Clinics, we offer exercise physiology and physiotherapy services to suit individual patients.

How does exercise physiology help athletes?

Even the fittest athletes suffer from repetitive injuries that hamper development, put an end to the season, or stop them from enjoying the activities they like the most. With exercise physiology, you can learn techniques and exercises to retrain and strengthen your body, avoiding the recurrence of common injuries and helping you better reach your athletic goals.

How can I access exercise physiology near me?

If you’re looking for local exercise physiology in Concord or Sydney’s northside, look no further than MediSport Clinic. We have two conveniently located treatment centres: our Crows Nest exercise physiology clinic is located at 290- 294 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW, and you can find our Concord treatment centre at 2 Gale Street, Concord NSW.

Our centres offer a range of services, including massage therapytreatment of sports injuriessports podiatry and more.

Contact your local centre or book an appointment today, and get ready to take control of your body, reduce injury and improve your health and wellness.