Building Strong Bones

Building bone strength is essential during early life, but even more so as we get older and are more prone to brittle bones and osteoporosis. Luckily, we can build strong bones both on our plate and through our daily activities.

Calcium and Vitamin D are essential for strong bones. Choose to include calcium rich foods in your diet, such as yoghurt, milk, cheese, tinned salmon/sardines (with bones), tofu, almonds, sesame seeds, tahini and kale. Get your Vitamin D by spending some time in the sunshine everyday – take your lunch break outside or go for a morning walk. Make sure you get enough sun exposure (around 20 minutes per day) as Vitamin D is hard to get from food, but can be obtained through egg yolks, fish and mushrooms.

Weight bearing exercises are also a great way to build bone strength. Incorporate resistance and/or weight training into your gym routine along with walking/jogging for a bone-boosting workout.

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