Our Practice

Medisport Clinic is a multidisciplinary chiropractic and sports medicine treatment centre located in Concord, founded by Chiropractor Dr Walid Kesserwani. At Medisport Clinic, we pride ourselves on creating a health care experience which is patient centred and focused on tailoring care to individual patients and their needs. We understand the individual nature of every case, and that each patient has unique health care needs. We strive to create an integrative and holistic approach to healthcare, which works with patients in investigating their health concern and working towards a pain-free life through comprehensive and consistent care. 

Our Philosophy

Patient care is our foremost concern, and the most important element of our treatment is the holistic service offered to patients, which aims to consider not only the symptoms, but to find the root cause of the issues utilising a range of non-invasive treatments.

The continual engagement of clinic staff in education and skill development in their field of expertise ensures that the information and treatment offered to patients is current and best suited to their individual needs.

- Dr Walid Kesserwani